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Babies – Pregnant women – Sportsmen
Teaching Minimal levers Technics – HVLA


Examining a baby in the first three weeks of life is essential.

Check his cranial and vertebral system and members to give more “space between space”.

Anatomy in a right place, without compression, allows for better physiology at the beginning of his life.

The osteopathic approach improves psychomotricity.

  • Plagiocephaly (flat heads): prevention and treatment, advice for back sleep
  • Torticollis
  • Childhood illness, ear infections
  • Regurgitation – Colitis
  • Asthma

Pregnant women

I had the pleasure of following women in pregnancy for more than 38 years and it’s great to allow stability, healthiness, and comfort in the working place during these nine months.

When the gravity lines mother’s back are physiological, there is more space for the baby, reducing the compressive force in utero. We treat together mothers and babies (twins, triplets..). Reducing sciaticas, coaching the future mother in all activities.

The osteopathic approach is preventive to prepare the delivery. Following after babies and mothers. Preventative is better than curative.


Osteopathy in sports practice is also curative and preventive for competition and future projects.

Checking all the regular strains after any injuries. The treatment will reduce instability and improve the capacity of movements and activities during your sports training.

  • Coaching and planning your sports project
  • Following you during the competition
  • Upgrade your recovery and allows you best results


Stages formations post graduate : Techniques structurelles en minimums leviers

Après 37 années de pratique, formé par un enseignement Britannique traditionnel , je mets en place des stages de deux jours, sur les techniques structurelles en minimums leviers.

Module 1

Lombaires / Bassin / Jonctions / Clinique sciatiques

Module 2

Cervicales / Thoraciques / Côtes / Jonctions

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In order to enjoy your visit to Paris, or to be ready for your business meeting, you should book an osteopathic appointment.

Indeed, after a long flight journey, sitting in an uncomfortable posture, carrying heavy luggage, you might feel some body pain. My approach is classical British handling, the best technics, precise and efficient.

The osteopathic treatment is to reduce the discomfort and pain back, headache, discal diseases, cervical injury, etc. I treat also pregnant women, children and support athletes’ training.

I offer you 35 years of practice and experience and my office is 10 mn walking from the Eiffel Tower.

Enjoy your stay in Paris!





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